Q: Who is Sister Randy?

She's a smokin' nun who shoots from the lip and wears a sexy Freudian slip beneath her conservative black habit. While analyzing classic works of art she manages to always find some strange sexual symbolism hidden amongst the brushstrokes. Based loosely on the exploits of Sister Wendy on PBS, she mercilessly lampoons the great works of art.

Q: Where was she born and raised - and where does she live now?

She was raised in the wild by racoons and then taken in by a remote convent of nuns (the order of Saint Richard the Dick) deep in the English wilderness of East Wessexshire. The racoon den where she was raised was insulated with comic books in order to keep the cubs warm and this is what led to Randy's ravenous interest in art. She lives in a small cabin off from the main convent structure (when she's not recording her show) and will often commune with the racoons that raised her.

Q: What other cultural contributions has she made?

She was the main impetus for the establishment of the first chapter of the "Friends of ART" or FART. This noble institution has subsequently established additional chapters throughout the world. Sister Randy's mission is to bring true art appreciation to the masses.

Q: Does she have any pets?

Yes. Sister Randy has a pet cow (The Holy Cow) that she's responsible for milking every morning.

Q: Does she ever go out on a date?

Not very far from the nunnery is a "monkery" (monestary). The nuns and the monks have little mixer parties and go on lots of co-ed outings.

Q: Does she know the pope?

Yes, they're good buddies. She calls him "pop" for short. They will often go for crazy little spins in the pope-mobile.

Q: What brand of cigarettes does she smoke?

The Vatican has its own private garden of hemp (the pope calls it the Garden of Earthly Delights) that they use to make papal rope for hanging heretics. A pleasurable side effect of this has been the Vatican's own special blend of "tobacco" called "Vatican Voodoo". This is distributed to all of the popes trusted cohorts of which Sister Randy is an important member.

Q: How many animated skits are there and which ones are still missing?

There are a total of 53 animated skits, some of which are currently unavailable due to a variety of reasons. In particular, many of the Art History 102 skits were archived with bad audio and are completely unusable at this time.

Art History 101 (there are 18 of these):

Art History 102 (there are 21 of these):

Private Lessons (there are 5 of these):

Randy Grams (there are 8 of these):

Resurrections (These are primarily damaged skits which have been repaired - sort of.):

There are also a large series of promos that were done for BBC America but I'm unable to show those at this time.