"Hollywood Rectangles" by Jan van Eyck

This painting represents one of the earliest incarnations of Hollywood Squares . Back in the 14th century the show was called Hollywood Rectangles and consisted of only 3 rectangles, as seen here. At various times, over the centuries, the show was also referred to as: Hollywood Parallelograms , Hollywood Trapezoids and Hollywood Rhombuses . It was only towards the middle of the 20th century that the producers hit upon an ingenious scheme of stacked squares, derived from the geometric theorems of Plato , Aristotle and Mr Rogers.

As always, the center position was occupied by a particularly famous celebrity - in this case Christ . He was renowned for his quick wit and scatalogical humor. When Paul Lynde took over, in the later half of the 20th century, it was deemed a Second Coming of sorts.

Many physicists have noted that the show should more accurately be called Hollywood Cubes , as the celebrities actually inhabit 3 dimensional spaces.

-- Sister Randy