"The Head of Gumusa" by Caravaggio

This is a postmortem portrait of Medusa's sister, Gumusa. Instead of snakes, Gumusa had a variety of different flavored gummy worms sprouting from her head. Gumusa's victims were NOT turned to stone. Instead they were transformed into jiggling statues of delicious gelatin. This was the more insidious fate in that the jellified victims would inevitably be consumed by roving bands of sugar starved children. It was only towards the end of her life that she realized the commercial potential of her talent and began to package and market the results (i.e. Gumusa brand Gelatin).

Her tasty new business had just started to jell when she was decapitated by Bill Cosby, who at that time was a mercenary for JELL-O Brand Gelatin - the dominant Gelatin at that time. It was clear that JELL-O Corp felt threatened by Gumusa's innovative production process.

Caravaggio was considered a master of postmortem portraits and was often employed by the royal coroner to paint pictures of recently deceased ghouls, demons and other assorted monsters for identification by the grieving families.

This portrait provided some comfort to Gumusa's family when it was discovered that the painting itself (for a while at least) was able to turn small creatures (e.g. cockroaches & spiders) into delicious gummy treats.

-- Sister Randy