"Anti-Gravity Horses" by Theodore Gericault

Anti-gravity horses were all the rage in the early 1800's. The ride was much smoother and eliminated the chaffing and sore buttocks normally associated with horseback riding. Unfortunately, the sudden appearance of Levitating Lions soon exterminated the species. Without anti-gravity horses to eat, the Levitating Lions soon died out as well.

Fox hunts were deemed "too easy" for these magnificent creatures. They were instead used to hunt the more elusive flying squirrels. This painting illustrates just such a hunt. The horses and their riders glide weightlessly over the ground in hot pursuit of a flying squirrel who had just been released moments earlier.

The only related creatures to have survived to this day are the much smaller anti-gravity mice of Madagascar. Their soaring antics offer a tantalizing glimpse of what must have been an awe inspiring sight.

Gericault wished to preserve the memory of these noble creatures and he has done so on an epic scale and with great love and sensitivity for the plight of these wondrous creatures.

-- Sister Randy