"Mechanic Servicing a Mustang Convertible" by Caravaggio

A mechanic is working under the chassis of a classic 1601 Mustang Convertible. This early model ran on hay and had a dismal power output of just 1 HP.

Although groundbreaking, these early models were notoriously difficult to maintain. The mechanic throws up his arms in bewilderment as he is unable to fathom how to perform simple maintenence on this vehicle. A routine task (such as changing the oil) could become a mind-numbing exercise in frustration.

On the plus side, they were available in a variety of colors and convenient options. Ventilation was standard as was all-terrain traction, independent suspension and highly responsive steering. The exterior of this vehicle was lined with soft fur which prevented the dents and scratches common with today's sleek metallic surfaces.

Accidents were common however. The lack of seat belts caused many people to be thrown from their seats. In addition, the high center of gravity caused many tragic roll-overs. It was difficult to obtain spare parts and the vehicle had the annoying habit of storing the exhaust and then releasing it at unpredictable intervals.

With this painting, Caravaggio has expertly captured the hairy underbelly of early industrial society and the ongoing struggles of the everyday working man.

-- Sister Randy