"King of All Media" by Hyacinth Rigaud

The infamous Howard Stern at one point anointed himself as the "King of all Media" and commissioned this stirring portrait. In a sly move designed to infuriate the censors, Howard is actually naked beneath his royal robes! No stranger to cross dressing, he strikes a somewhat effeminate pose and flaunts his girlish legs and "come hither" high heels.

The sword, scepter and crown are references to his ongoing battle against the evil hoards of the FCC. These self-righteous barbarians wish nothing more than to force their narrow minded views upon all of humanity.

In his ongoing struggle to establish a kingdom safe from the tyranny of the FCC, Howard has at last been driven into the remote regions of Satellite Radio where he gathers his forces to defend against the coming siege.

Will he triumph? Will freedom reign? Will large breasted woman remain free to expose themselves on his show? Only time will tell.

-- Sister Randy