"Michael (Fantastic Plastic) Jackson" by Jeff Koons

Jeff Koons has captured Michael Jackson in one of his more whimsical moods.

Having exhausted the ability of plastic surgeons to further modify his features, Michael Jackson has tragically chosen to vicariously continue his obsession by turning the surgeons knife on his children. Here we see one of his children after having been surgically modified to resemble Michael's beloved "Bubbles the Chimp".

Jeff Koons has chosen a pose that is strangely sexually suggestive in that the chimp/child appears to spring forth from Jackson's groin. This of course alludes to the phrase "off-spring".

An alternative explanation of this masterpiece (suggested by some art experts), is that Michael has had his penis surgically altered to resemble a large chimp and that his hand is lovingly stroking it in a spasm of self pleasure. This novel interpretation gives strange substance to the phrase "spanking the monkey". And indeed the sad eyes and slouched posture of the monkey indicate that such a "spanking" may have just taken place.

-- Sister Randy