"Paint Thinner" by Sue Coe

Sue Coe's painting, "Paint Thinner", depicts two Calvin Klein models. One has fainted from a combination of heroin, lack of food, and the fear of cellulite. The other model is pinned underneath the weight of the fallen body.

Models are much too weak and malnourished to pose for paintings which leads to the hurried stylings, such as illustrated in this example. As a result, artists must either paint their models quickly or paint them after unconsciousness.

However, on the positive side, an artist could save some money because far less paint would be required to paint these emaciated figures versus the immense amount of paint required for the full figured, Rubenesque models of the past.

In addition to switching to thinner models a revolutionary substance known as "Paint Thinner" was introduced which allowed an artist to more precisely (and economically) render these skeletal figures.

-- Sister Randy