"Superman's Laser Emporium" by Luca Giordano

Here we see an older and more mature Superman using his still powerful laser vision to perform laser eye surgery on Fabio. At the moment, he is powering up his laser vision and practicing on an unsightly wart on Fabio's chin.

Several of the other members of the League of Justice are also present to offer their support and to lend their super powers if necessary. In the upper right we see Captain America and Lamb Boy. Thor (barely visible in the lower right), Wonder Woman and Jesus Christ Superstar are also in attendance. Many people are often surprised to learn that the Son of God himself was a card carrying member of the League of Justice.

Superman provides a much higher quality result and his success rate is superior to most other laser eye surgery options. If you're thinking of laser eye surgery then please consider "Superman's Laser Emporium".

Look! It's a bird, it's a plane, no - it's Superman's Laser Emporium. Remember, the "Man of Steel" will "Cut you a Deal" at Superman's Laser Emporium!

-- Sister Randy