"Nude Volleyball" by Peter Paul Rubens

Nude volleyball thrived in Western Europe in the early 17th century. Here we see a popular team known as "The Three Graces" huddling during a break in the competition. The number of members on a team was wildly inconsistent and The Three Graces would often have to compete against teams such as The Seven Deadly Sins and The Twelve Apostles.

They are shown here checking the baby fat content of each others arms. It was critical that each participant's baby fat levels be maintained at an optimum level. A healthy supply of baby fat would provide an important source of reserve energy for the long, grueling games.

Lipo-Injection (or infusion) was as common at that time as Lipo-Suction is today. Farms of wild babies were kept and the baby fat harvested for injection into the high fashion models and sport stars of the day.

Instead of chewing tobacco, sport stars would chew some of that very same baby fat. From this primitive practice comes the modern day reference to "chewing the fat".

-- Sister Randy