"Where's Dildo" by Hieronymus Bosch

The "Where's Dildo " puzzle paintings were an early predecessor to the critically acclaimed "Where's Waldo" series of modern times. Instead of Waldo, Bosch used a strange character known as Dildo. Looking for Dildo was a popular pastime in the middle ages. Can you see him there, near the bottom?

Notice how the eye is led astray by the sheer complexity of this painting. It is only by careful detective work that the viewer is able to discern the wily Mr. Dildo hidden amongst this flurry of fantastical characters.

Does he perhaps lurk in the dark recesses of our own sub-conscious minds? Peeking out from behind our own tangled jungle of Freudian fantasy? Or is he simply a harmless object upon which we have inappropriately superimposed our own sexual insecurities? The fundamental nature of Dildo is difficult to grasp (firmly).

-- Sister Randy