"Guernica - IN COLOR!" by Picasso

Ladies and gentlemen. I am very pleased to be able to present this new, improved version of Picasso's Guernica. The colorization process was generously performed courtesy of Ted Turner enterprises. We were indeed fortunate to have their kind cooperation and undoubtedly this will make this masterpiece more accessible to the general public and in particular more FUN!

Much research was done to approximate the colors that Picasso himself would have used if only color had been available at the time. During the restoration process, we've also taken the liberty of placing a small happy face to the right of the horse. A panel of experts has assured us that Picasso would have done exactly this if only he'd thought of it.

I am pleased to report that I myself have recently seen entire families laughing and giggling in front of this painting whereas before it would induce strange bouts of anger and depression.

This newly improved design is now available on a variety of children's merchandise: Pajamas, bed sheets, wallpaper and coloring books are some of the more popular items. Don't deprive your child of the chance to cuddle up with this charming masterpiece.

-- Sister Randy