"Got Milk" by Claude Monet

Here we see a delicious rendering of the giant bran muffins that were so popular in Claude Monet's time. Modern x-ray technology has revealed that this masterpiece was originally painted with a giant glass of milk off in the distance (as shown here) and was to be used to kick off the now famous "Got Milk" advertising campaign.

Note how the landscape is smothered in a thick layer of frosting while the muffins themselves exhibit just a thin sprinkling of powdered sugar. The course, rough brushwork seen here is consistent with what we know of Monet's belief in a high fiber diet. Yes, roughage was the cry of the day and Marie Antoinette's infamous, "let them eat cupcakes", was really just a helpful dieting hint.

This painting belongs in Martha Stewart's personal collection and is said to have inspired the bran muffin riots of 1895, the great donut rebellion of 1636 and the fruit basket upset of the industrial revolution.

Monet was notorius for painting other giant baked goods. The massive croissants dominating Paree and the imposing brownies lying sublimely on the French landscape are other fine examples of this period.

-- Sister Randy