"Wicked Witch" by Alexei von Jawlensky

This is a prom portrait of the young Wicked Witch of the West from Emerald City High School. The overwhelming use of red was meant to foreshadow her eventual obsession with the ruby red slippers.

Note how her carefully crafted expression captures her intense hatred of the musical group "Toto" .

Her army of evil flying monkeys were a gang of stoners, at the time, and had already been expelled - which explains why they aren't present in this portrait. Ironically, they ran drugs for the Wizard himself, who in his high school "daze" would whip up large batches of OZ - a poppy distillate that eventually led to his being known as "The Wizard of OZ".

At the "Over the Rainbow" prom, she was voted "Most Likely to Shrivel" and Glenda, the Good Witch of the North, was elected Prom Queen. Their high school rivalry persisted well into adulthood until the tragedy, made famous by the movie, befell her.

-- Sister Randy