Dear Sister Randy,

In Oregon (on the Columbia River) there's a controversy regarding water usage and the health of the salmon. One person remarked that "a single human life is worth more than all the salmon in the world". Is this true?

Is Human Life really Priceless?

Dear "Is Human Life really Priceless",

Yes! Human life is incredibly priceless! A single human life is certainly worth all the salmon in the world. What's more, another human life is easily worth all the frogs in the world. And another, all the grizzly bears and so on...

If we take this to its logical conclusion (religious logic of course) then we can see that after we've traded in 14 million humans for all the existing species on this planet (this includes viruses,bacteria, plants, insects, reptiles, mammals, etc...) then there will still be approximately 6,986,000,000 of us "priceless" humans left to inhabit an otherwise lifeless rock of a planet.

God's (Lasagna) Will Be Done!

Sister Randy