Dear Sister Randy,

i confess i am kind of hot for sister randy....i keep wondering....what does she look like under the sexy......what a vixen.....i guess it all began back in catholic school.....the nuns  and the priests were all so nice to me (especially the priests)........anyway....i miss sister randy....i hope she is up and running again soon....i think she has a brilliant a film star....or an author.....or adult film star????? ;-)

Hot for Sister Randy

Dear Hot for Sister Randy,

Yes, it's true that I'm blessed with near perfect physical features and that beneath my robes I look like a goddess but you must contain your lust (and perhaps bottle it as a perfume). What you are confessing to is not a sin but rather the inevitable result of gazing upon a heavenly vision well beyond your mortal experience.

In summary: No sin here. In fact, you are to be commended for your good taste. You are free to continue incorporating me in your sexual fantasies. If you'd like to take your fantasies to the next level, however, then meet me at 10pm behind the sacred fountain of heavenly bliss near the old church next to the graveyard. Wear something - oh, I don't know - reverent, I suppose.

God speed,

Sister Randy